Viral Beauty


Movie Review: "Viral Beauty"

"Casey Killoran is a revelation here in the lead role. She takes turns being nuanced and over the top, turning on a dime..."
Get On My Damn Level

‘Viral Beauty’ Is Internet Culture In All Its Horror

"Overall, Viral Beauty is a cringe comedy that gives a rare, honest look at what it looks like when our candor, cloaked in anonymity, becomes monstrous."
Black Nerd Problems

Viral Beauty

"This movie was made perfectly at the right time; WE NEED THIS FILM! And I’ll tell you why…"
Taryn Up the Movies

Internet on Film: Drama alumna produces and stars in independent movie

"Heading to the silver screen at this year’s Manhattan Film Festival will be Casey Killoran, a 2009 Hofstra graduate who produced and starred in “Viral Beauty,” a full-length movie about the digital age."
The Hofstra Chronicle

'Viral Beauty' film tackles body issues, web fame on Staten Island

"Casey Killoran, an actress from the South Shore, just went viral for her latest on-screen role."
Staten Island Advance

VIRAL BEAUTY to Tell Romantic Story of Social Media Fame

"Utilizing their tech backgrounds, Lam and his sister Elizabeth, who wrote the script, use today's social media fast-paced world and fame-obsessed society to portray a modern day yet classic rags-to-riches story, with a twist."
Broadway World

RED CARPET Interview @ Winter Film Awards

Director David Tyson Lam, writer Elizabeth Lam, and lead actress Casey Killoran chat about the journey and motivation of creating this unique and innovative film
Peekapose Productions

David Lam and Casey Killoran break the Internet with ‘Viral Beauty’

"The South Shore bound actress says getting into character was equally emotionally and physically challenging. She said the role required her to gain about thirty pounds."
Richmond City Media

Viral Beauty: A Sign of the Times (Review)

"...clever in its criticism of Internet stardom, the monsters it creates and the lives it changes. The brother sister team (David and Elizabeth) offer up this romantic comedy of errors with a dose of wry humor that makes the tale, and its message, very palatable..."
Mike's Film Talk

Episode 53: Stories behind making 'Viral Beauty' and its conception (Podcast)

Filmmakers Casey Killoran (actor/producer) and David Tyson Lam (director/producer) share their experiences with the dark side, producing their own work including their first feature film, communication, balancing each others strengths...
The Compass Podcast

Casey Killoran Talks Viral Beauty (Interview)

"It was a real battle for me", confesses actress Casey Killoran on gaining a staggering 30 pounds for her lead role in the romantic-comedy Viral Beauty. "My character could not be 'celebrity thin' she had to be a slightly overweight girl. Heavy enough that people would say, “Why the ‘F’ does she get to be so popular.”"
Mike's Film Talk

Film + Tech: An Unlikely Combination (Blog)

"... It’s a film that explores what is unique to the millennial generation: the chance to become famous fast online and how that connects back to basic things, like a need to be loved or validated. It's also a film about fast and furious capitalism." - David Tyson Lam, Director of Viral Beauty
UWaterloo Blog

A movie about Online Fame (Article)

"Creating the world of Viral Beauty was a challenge, especially writing the script with over 100 characters and giving a unique voice to each. It was also important to reflect how we interact with technology, so you’ll see the characters interact over the web in ways that alter their lives irrevocably." - Elizabeth Lam, Writer of Viral Beauty
The Scene Magazine

Casting Perez Hilton, Filmmaking, and Inspiration for Viral (Podcast)

David Tyson Lam chats to NYU Radio News about casting Perez Hilton, collaborating with his sister/screenwriter Elizabeth Lam, and filmmaking.
NYU Radio News

'Viral Beauty' - the art of collaboration (Article)

"... when we started this project, we were telling a story that we are experiencing first-hand, so it’s definitely something that we relate to millennials and Generation X." - Casey Killoran, Lead Actress
Washington Square News

UW alumni take closer look at online fame in new film (Article)

"Director and executive producer David who studied math, CS, and drama at UW said that he and his sister Elizabeth, who was in CS at UW and wrote the film, have always been interested in the combination of arts and technology. This project combines social media and technology, which David finds “inherently dramatic, performance-based, presentational, as if the YouTube generation is performing an idea of themselves." - Rameesha Qazi
UW Imprint

CHIT CHAT: 'Viral' as Social Satire (Interview)

"The film is edited in a certain way that it's a comedy but it's also a social commentary..." - David Tyson Lam, Director

Tech, Film, and Diversity (Interview)

"We're both technies and artists, so this was the perfect collaboration because it's a film about the online world and also an artistic creation between us..." - David Tyson Lam, regarding collaborating with sister/screewriter Elizabeth Lam
So That's My Story

Comedian SoundlyAwake Chats about Viral (Social Media promo)

Youtube sensation, Soundlyawake, chats about his feature film debut in Viral Beauty
Soundly Awake Channel